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Your account settings at can be accessed from by going to your Gravatar image in the upper right and clicking Settings in the drop-down menu. You can also click on your name and Gravatar in the admin bar on any site.

Account Settings

Account Options

Username: This is your current username. You can change your username by clicking the “Change” link next to it.

Account Settings username

Email Address: Required. You may change this, but note that email addresses cannot be shared among accounts. That is, one email address cannot be registered with multiple accounts. You will need to confirm by email when changing your email address.

Although your email address will not be displayed publicly on, when you submit a comment while logged into your account, the e-mail address will be transmitted to the blog’s owner/administrator.

Account Settings email address

Primary Blog: You can choose which blog you want to be your primary blog here. If you only have one blog there will be no dropdown.

Account Settings primary blog

Web Address: Not required. This is the URL that will be linked to your username when leaving comments on blogs. Please note that this is stored at the time of the comment, so if you do update this, it will not affect past comments (only those made in the future).

Account Settings web address

Interface Language: Set the primary language of your dashboard. To set the language of your actual blog, go to Settings -> General.

Account Settings interface language

Fun: It wouldn’t be any fun if we told you what this does. Just try it out for yourself and see what happens.

Account Settings fun

Instant Post Feedback: Uncheck this option if you no longer want to see the instant post feedback after you publish new posts. For more information on instant post feedback please see this blog post.

Account Settings instant post feedback

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