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Why should I need my own domain name?

Let’s say you have a site at

We allow you to register a domain name or use one you already registered somewhere else (let’s say and map it to your site, so that your address becomes

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Why is this important?

  • Your own domain name looks way better on your business cards
  • You can have email addresses on the same domain name (like
  • You can create subdomains (such as

Last but not least, owning your domain name is the last step in owning your content. At the content you publish belongs to you, you can export and take it anywhere, at anytime, and with your own domain name, should you decide for instance to move to a self-hosted WordPress site, you won’t even need to warn your visitors, your content would remain at the same address.

Owning your domain name is the best way to perpetuate your internet presence, and it only costs a few bucks per year.

You can do exactly that using one of our domain upgrades. On the Domains page you will see these options:

Screenshot of adding a domain to


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I Already Have a Domain

You can point a domain you already own to your by following this three-step domain mapping guide.

You can also map a subdomain, for example, of a domain that you already own if you’d rather do that. Domain Mapping costs $13.00 per domain per year.

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I Want to Get a Domain

If you don’t have a domain yet but you want one, you’ve come to the right place. You can register a new domain with (or without, if you prefer) the private registration option.

Domain Registration is a paid upgrade that costs $18.00 per domain, per blog, per year. The optional private registration upgrade is an additional $8.00 per domain per year.

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I'm Unable to Register My Preferred Domain

You may be trying to register a domain already owned by someone else. If so, please try registering a different domain. Or, you may be trying to register a domain using an extension (commonly known as a “TLD”) that we don’t currently support. Examples of TLDs include .com, .org, .net, etc.

Click here to see a full list of TLDs that we do support.


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