Bitcoin is an alternative form of payment accepted by many retailers. Please note, Bitcoins are currently not accepted by WordPress.com.

As a decentralized currency that no one owns or controls, Bitcoin payments are secured using peer-to-peer cryptographic technology. Running on open source software, just like WordPress, Bitcoin is community-driven and maintained.

What are Bitcoins?
Bitcoins are digital coins transferred from person to person, without using a bank or centralized service. Send or receive money in any amount, independent of location — with minimal fees compared to traditional payment methods.

Where are Bitcoins stored?
Bitcoins are stored in your digital wallet, where you can send or receive Bitcoins and track your transactions. Wallets are available either as an online service or a program you download and run from your computer. More information.

How do I get Bitcoins?
First, set up your digital wallet as noted above, then look for a local currency exchange if you’d like to trade in physical currency for Bitcoin. Or, look for a currency exchange online to use an electronic form of payment. The currency exchange will provide you an estimate of value of a Bitcoin compared to your local currency.

To learn more about Bitcoin, see this introductory video:

(Source: http://www.weusecoins.com/)

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