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CoPromote has partnered with CoPromote, previously known as, to help bloggers, authors, and site creators reach a wider audience. CoPromote is a community of publishers where participants can share each other’s content on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The idea is to share content that interests you while others in the community can share yours.

CoPromote is free for all members with the option to upgrade to a Pro, Platinum, or Max account. Members can earn Karma Cash when they share content and you can spend Karma Cash when your own content is shared. You an read more about the service on the CoPromote blog.

To sign up for CoPromote, click the “Promote Now” link when you create a new post. This can be found in the left sidebar when you publish a post.


Connect your site to CoPromote by clicking the Authorize button:


You can start creating promotions right away. Choose a post you want to share, which networks you want to share to and create your promotion.

Disconnect your site from CoPromote

To disconnect your site from CoPromote, go to the security settings for your site and scroll down to Connected Applications.  Click the gear icon to the right of the CoPromote app and click “Remove App Connection”.


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