The Theme Customizer makes it easy for users to customize a theme and see the results real-time without opening or refreshing a new browser window. You can customize any theme, including premium themes, before activation.

To use the Customizer, go to Appearance -> Customize in the dashboard:

Customize Menu

You can also go to Appearance > Themes and click on either the “Customize” button underneath your current theme

or the “Live Preview” link below any other theme.

Make changes to theme settings using the control panels on the right.

Control Panels

The following control panels are available:

  • Site Title & Tagline: Set the title and description for your blog. Most themes display the site title and tagline in or near the header area. Site titles are also used when visitors bookmark your blog in their web browser.
  • Header: Use the “Add New” button to add a new header image – this will open the Media Manager – which will allow you to upload, select, and crop your image. You can also click on any of the images in the “Suggested” list to select one of the header images that comes with the theme you are customizing. To find suggested header image dimensions, find your theme in the Theme Showcase and check the “Quick Specs” at the bottom of the theme details page.
  • Background: Change the background color or upload a background image.
  • Navigation: You may activate any custom menus you have previously created through the Appearance -> Menus page. See the Custom Menus help page for more details.
  • Static Front Page: Select what will appear on your blog home page: your latest posts or a static front page.

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Additional Info

  • If you have the Custom Design upgrade and you have added some Custom CSS, that CSS will show through when customizing an alternate theme.

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