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You can add an email address to your custom domain name by setting up Microsoft’s service and entering the DNS in your dashboard.

If you have a custom domain powering your blog (say and you would like to have an email address on that domain (like, you can create this type of email address using Microsoft’s service and a few changes to your domain settings.

Create an Account on

First, visit and sign into an existing account or click Sign up now to create a new account. If you are not currently signed in to a Microsoft account, you’ll see this screen:

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 1.39.58 PM

If you already have a Microsoft account, you should sign in using that information. (You already have a Microsoft account if you use it for an existing or Hotmail account, or for related services like Xbox Live.) If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one by following the sign up steps they provide.

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Add Your Domain Name to

Now that you are signed in, go to

You need to tell which domain you want to use for your email. (You will need to be logged in to your Microsoft Account—and you will be prompted if you aren’t.) You’ll see this screen:


Under Custom Domains, click on the link that says Get started. Then you will see this screen:


Enter your domain name into the field provided in the next step and then click Continue.

You’ll be asked to review your settings for the domain, including which Microsoft Account will be the owner of the domain. Double-check to make sure these settings are correct and then click the I Accept button.

The next thing you see will be a screen that has information you will need to finish connecting to your domain here at Leave this window open:


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Set Up Custom DNS

Back in, Go to My Domains and click on Edit for the relevant domain. Screenshot of the My Domains page showing different domain options

Click on Edit DNS. You will need the records you were provided when you connected the domain. You’ll use a few of these records one will enter them into the Custom DNS option on For example, these are the records that were provided for our test domain. Look for the options for Mail Setup and Server Trust:



These two settings are the ones you will need. ( does not support the records necessary for Windows Live Messenger integration.)

Add the MX record, by choosing MX from the dropdown box, leaving the first box blank, and pasting the value for MX server from the Mail setup section of Windows Live Admin Center. Click the Add button.


Add the TXT record, by choosing TXT from the dropdown, leaving the first box blank, and pasting in v=spf1 ~all into the second box. Click the Add button:


Once both records are added, they should look similar to the highlighted ones here:


Make sure you enter the records that were provided for your domain and not the records from the example above. Once you have done that, click Save Changes to make the change.

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Verify Custom DNS with

For this step, you may need to wait a short time. DNS changes can take a while to take effect across the internet, so you’ll need to take a pause here while the changes propagate. In most cases, it will take place within about an hour, but in rare cases it can take a day or so.

After you have given the change some time, go back to and at the top of the domain verification page (where the settings were displayed), click the Refresh button. You will know you have done this correctly if you go to your domain on and see this:


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Set Up Your Email Accounts

Now, you’ll need to set up the email accounts for your domain. You can get started doing this by clicking the Add button on the Member accounts screen.


For more information on how to use these accounts, please see the Help link that is located at the top of the Windows Live Admin Center.

Your domain on and the service are now fully connected.

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