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The domains you added to your blog on can be managed under My Domains. From there you can create email addresses, update your contact information, move your domain away from, and more.

This article offers an overview of the available options for domain management on Follow the links for more information about specific topics.

Domain management is only available if you already added a custom domain to your blog.

Email Forwarding

Adding an email forwarding address

Email forwarding allows you to set up virtual email addresses using your custom domain and forward messages to the email address you choose.

For example, if your email address is, and you added the domain to your blog, you can set up as an email address.

Emails sent to will arrive at

Learn more about Email Forwarding.

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Update Contact Information

Domain contacts with Private Registration

Domain contacts with Private Registration

Domain owners are required to provide current contact information. If the information you entered when you first registered your domain is no longer up-to-date, please update it. To update your contact information, go to My Domains. Click on Edit next to your domain name and enter the new information under Domain Contacts in your domain manager. Phone numbers must be formatted as +countrycode.phone_number. For example, a US phone number would need to be entered as +1.555-5555 in order to update contact information.

Please note that if you update the First name, Last name, or Organization fields, your domain will be locked for 60 days: During this time you will not be able to transfer your domain to another registrar (the domain itself with continue to work as usual during this time).

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Set Up Third Party Email Provider

Email Forwarding is included with every custom domain on, but it’s not the only option for getting an email address with your domain name.

You can connect your domain to third-party email providers such as Google Apps and and have full email hosting as well as related services on your domain.

Check out Add Email for more about third part email providers.

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Move Your Domain

If you registered your domain with but you no longer want to blog with us, you can take your domain with you to your new host.

There are several different methods for moving your domain, and you should choose the one recommended by your new host. You may want to check their support site or contact them for more information.

Visit Move Your Domain to Another Host for more information.

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