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If you registered your domain with, you don’t have to use as your host. The domain you registered is yours, and you can use it with any other host you want.

This page details two options for using a domain registered with outside of

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Important: This information relates only to domains registered with If you registered your domain elsewhere, you can contact your registrar for more information about pointing it away from You can use the Domain Helper to check where your domain is registered.

How Domains Work

A domain name is like a shortcut that points to your blog. It’s not really a part of your blog: you can have a blog without a domain name, and you can have many domains pointing the same blog. Your blog is the collection of posts, comments, widgets, your theme, and everything else that your visitors see when they visit it. The domain is just a shortcut to help them get there.

All blogs on get a free address in the form of Using our paid domain upgrades, you can add custom domains as shortcuts to that address. Visitors will see the custom domain instead of the free address. A custom domain can be shorter, catchier, and easier to remember and share.

When you register a domain on, this domain becomes linked to your blog, so that when users enter the domain in their browser’s address bar, your blog will show up. While the domain registration is a paid upgrade that has to be renewed yearly, the blog itself remains free, and it will continue working even if you don’t renew the domain.

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Transfer domain registration to another registrar

To transfer a domain from one registrar to another, you need to generate an authorization code from the current registrar, and then send that registration code to the new registrar. Using this unique code, the old registrar will allow the new registrar to take over the domain registration.

You can get an authorization code to transfer your domain (also sometimes called EPP) from the domain editor, in the My Domains page.

The transfer usually takes a few days, and when it is complete, your domain will no longer be registered with Keep in mind that this doesn’t affect your blog. Your blog will still be available at the default address.

» Detailed instructions for transferring a domain to another registrar

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Change name servers to point the domain outside of

Changing your domain’s “name servers” will make the domain point to another host, and leave the domain registered with You will keep the domain upgrade you purchased from us, and just stop using the free hosting.

To change name servers, you will first have to get the proper name servers from your host, and then make the change using the domain editor, in the My Domains page.

» Detailed instructions for changing name servers.

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Updating DNS records for hosting providers that require A Records

Some hosting providers require DNS changes to point a domain to their site. They may provide A records and CNAME information that you need to change on your domain registered through

» Detailed instructions for setting custom A records.

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Which of these options is the best for me?

Both these options achieve the same result – your domain will point to another site, with another host.

If your new host supports incoming domain registration transfers, it may be easier to have both the domain registration and the hosting in the same place.

You may want to contact your new host for more information about these two options.

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