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Each time you publish new content on your blog, your followers receive an update, either on their Read Blogs page or via email (or both, depending on their settings). There are several different ways that readers can start following your blog.

Note: Followers do not need to be registered with Anyone subscribed to your blog with an email address that’s not associated with a account will be sent details of how to confirm and manage the sites they’re following.

Follower Stats

Your site stats page displays how many followers you have, who your followers are, as well as how many people are subscribed to comments on your site.

To view your followers, go to while logged in, and click on Stats. If you have more than one blog, select the correct blog from the dropdown menu in the upper-righthand corner above your stats graph.

Then, scroll down to the bottom of your stats page until you see the module titled “Totals, Followers & Shares”:


There, you’ll see the total number of your blog followers, as well as the total number of comment followers (anyone who has subscribed to a comment thread on your blog).

If you have connected any of your social networking services (such as Facebook or Twitter) through our Publicize feature, counts for your followers on those services will also be shown.

To see your individual followers, click on the small “Blog” link under your Follower count (see arrow in above screenshot).

This will take you to a screen that lists each of your followers:

Note that at the top of that list, there are links to view your site’s “ Followers” and for “Email-only Followers.” followers are readers who follow you while logged into their own account. Email Followers are logged-out readers who enter their email address to follow you.

The email addresses of your subscribers are not made public to you, in order to protect their privacy. However, if you’d like to collect names, email addresses, or other data for your own e-mail list, you can use a Contact Form.

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Comment Followers

After leaving a comment on one of your posts, readers have the option to follow the comments on that post. To learn more, visit the Follow Comments support page.

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Having trouble following a blog?

Double-check that you have confirmed your subscription. If you have a account, you can view all of the blogs and comment threads you’re following on your Blogs I Follow page. If you don’t have an account but are following blogs, view your subscription settings at

Not receiving email updates?

  • Check your spam/junk email box. If your email client gives you the option to unblock specific email addresses, try allowing * (all emails from the domain) and/or addresses.
  • Make sure you to uncheck the box next to “Block all email updates from blogs you follow” on your Email Delivery Settings page.
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