Following Blogs

When you follow a blog on, all new posts from that site will appear in your Reader, where you can view all the latest posts published across all the blogs you follow. You’ll also receive notifications of new posts by email.


How to Follow New Blogs

Click the  button that appears in the toolbar at the top of all sites (when you’re logged in) to start following a blog. All new posts published on that blog will start showing up in your reader, and you’ll also receive email notifications of new posts. (To change your email settings, see below.)

You can also start following a blog using the Follow Blog Widget in a site’s sidebar:

Readers without accounts can follow a blog with the button that appears in the lower right-hand corner of sites:

Follow button

After clicking on the Follow button, a dialog box will pop up asking for the email address where new blog posts should be sent.

Follow button

Be sure to click on the confirmation link in the email that we send you. Until you’ve confirmed your request to follow, you won’t receive email notifications for new posts and updates.

Note: Blog administrators can hide the follow button that’s shown to logged out users by adjusting their email reading settings. Here they can also customize the message that’s sent when someone follows the blog.

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Follow a Blog Not on

To add a blog from Tumblr, Blogger, or any other service to your reader, click EDIT:

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 10.06.10 AM

In the text box at the top of the page, enter the URL of the site you’d like to follow, and new posts published on that blog will start appearing in your reader.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 10.07.22 AM

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Change Your Email Settings

Click the Manage Delivery Settings link in your reader to change your default email delivery methods for all the blogs you follow.

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Manage Email and IM Settings for Specific Blogs

To change your email preferences on a per-blog basis, click Edit in your Reader and click the “edit” link next to the email delivery details for a specific blog you follow. Use the toggle buttons to change the frequency of email notifications for specific blogs:

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 10.08.49 AM

Jabber Instant Message Delivery

If you have set up a Jabber account, you can get new posts pushed to you instantly via instant messenger by checking the box next to the title of the blog.

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Unfollow a Blog

First, make sure you’re logged in. Then visit the site you want to unfollow, hover over the button that says Following in the toolbar at the top of the screen, and the option to unfollow the blog will appear.

You can also click Edit List in your Reader to display the list of blogs you follow. Find the blog you no longer wish to follow, then click the grey X next to the name of the site to stop receiving notifications of new posts from that blog.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 10.09.42 AM

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Following Comments

To learn about following comments on individual posts, visit the Follow Comments support page.

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My Followers

Want to know how many followers you have? Check out the My Followers support page.

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Invite Followers

You can invite people to follow your blog with an email invitation sent from your dashboard.

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