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Connect Your Google+ Profile

Connecting  your Google+ Profile creates an official connection between your posts on and your Google+ account. This helps Google understand who created certain pages and may be used to help increase the accuracy of search results, and can potentially improve the appearance of your pages in Google’s results pages.

Connect your Google+ Profile

  • Head to Settings → Sharing in your dashboard.
  • Below the list of social connections, click the Sign In button displaying the g+ logo.
  • In the pop-up, click the Accept button to allow your site to connect to your Google+ Profile.
  • Once authorized, you’ll see your Google+ Profile image, your name, and a confirmation that you’re connected.
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Disconnect your Google+ Profile

  • Head to Settings → Sharing in your dashboard.
  • Locate your Google+ Profile image and name.
  • Click the red “x” next to the word Connected.
  • Agree to the prompt asking you to confirm you wish to disconnect your Google+ Profile.

Note that disconnecting your Google+ Profile will also disconnect any existing Publicize connection that automatically shares posts from your blog to your Google+ Profile.

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Google+ Profile Connection Features

  • The display name that appears on your posts and comments will display your Google+ Real Name (the name you have on your Google+ Profile). If you change your name on Google+ you will need to disconnect and reconnect from to update it here. Note that disconnecting your site from Google+ will revert the name shown on your posts and comments to the display name selected in your Settings.
  • A link to your site is added on your Google+ Profile under the ‘Contributor To‘ section. If you disconnect, you will need to manually remove that link from Google+ if you don’t want it there any more.
  • On single Post/Page views only, a Google+ section is added to the Sharing/Like details on your posts that includes a link to your Google+ Profile, a button so people can Follow you on Google+, and your Google avatar (the picture you set on your Google+ Profile). If you disconnect your account from your Google+ Profile, this section will no longer be added to your posts (and will be removed from all old posts).
  • Verification code will be added to your posts to confirm to Google that you are the author of those posts. Having this code in place means that Google can potentially use it to include additional information in their search results (although they do not guarantee that they will show this extra information). If you disconnect your account from your Google+ Profile, this code will no longer be added to your posts (and will be removed from all old posts).
  • As you are connecting, if you have an Android device associated with your Google+ profile, you will be able to kick off an Over The Air (OTA) install of the WordPress app for your Android device.

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