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Govern your village, town, or city website with

City website managers will love because it’s easy to edit, has upcoming event lists that can sync with a calendar service, photo galleries that add interest, polls and surveys integration, no fuss email subscriptions, it’s mobile-friendly out of the box, very search-friendly, has an integrated stats system, and it costs little to nothing.

At least 69.4M of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress.

Key Features

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Get started, step-by-step

  1. Start at to set up and account.
  2. Choose a government website template.
  3. Create a custom header image to add brand identity.
  4. Browse through the demo data included.
  5. Setup the Follow widget to let any user subscribe to posts by email.
  6. Connect social media sites like Facebook and add sharing buttons.
  7. Set your content managers to work with this getting start guide!
  8. Use the Upcoming Events widget to list some events.
  9. Upload documents such as PDF, Word, or others.
  10. Add some photos. They really add interest and your pictures will look great in our gallery styles.

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  • Custom Domain—most government websites use a .gov domain. It’s not required, but you can map a custom domain to your website for a small yearly fee.
  • Extra Storage—if you prefer to update documents, forms, and records in the form of PDF, Word, or another file type, comes with 3GB free, and you can buy more space if you use up the free space. This is also a good option if you’ll be adding audio or video uploads.
  • VideoPress—this upgrade gives you the ability to upload video files you can embed in your site.
  • Custom Design—if design and brand identity is important to your city, you can make your site really unique using the Custom Design upgrade tools for custom fonts, colors, and CSS.

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Demo Data

Here is a list of the demo data that is included with a government website if you sign up through

City of The Land

  • Residents
    • Arts & Culture
    • Elections & Voting
    • Garbage and Recycling
    • Permits & Licenses
    • Schools and Education
    • Transportation
    • Utilities
  • Businesses
    • Business Tools and Assistance
    • Permits, Licenses, and Zoning
    • Relocating a Business
    • Starting a Business
  • Visitors
    • Arts & Culture
    • Events & Activities
    • Food and Drink
    • Places to Go
    • Sports, Recreation & Hobbies
  • Departments
    • Animal Control
    • Fire
    • Law Enforcement
    • Libraries
    • Natural Resources
    • Parking
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Water
  • City Hall
    • Boards and Commissions
    • City Council
    • City Manager
    • Office of the Mayor
    • Property Taxes
    • Chamber of Commerce
  • News
  • Sitemap

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