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To enable Polldaddy ratings on your blog posts, pages, and comments, go to Settings  Ratings in your dashboard.


Choose where you’d like ratings to appear. You can select from the tabs at the top – Posts, Pages, and Comments:


You can also select where on the page you want the ratings to appear.

Be sure to click Save Changes when you’re done.

Once ratings have been enabled, you’ll see something like this:

Users can hover over the stars and choose a rating. All ratings are then added up to give an overall score for that post, page, or comment. If you click on the blue “i” icon, the results appear in a popup. The popup displays results for content created today, this week, this month and all time.

Advanced Settings

To further customize your ratings, go to Settings  Ratings, choose the correct tab at the top, then click Advanced Settings (you won’t see this link if the rating hasn’t been enabled yet).


Here you can choose between Star and Nero ratings, change the size and color of the symbols, set a custom image for your rating, adjust layout and font properties, and customize the labels for text in the widget. If you look to the right of the advanced settings screen, you can also see a live preview of your widget.


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Extra Settings

Here you can enable/disable the results popup, assign what rating ID you’d like to use on your blog, and enter a comma-separated list of post and page IDs that you’d like to exclude from ratings.


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Rating Results

Once you have a rating enabled and start to collect some ratings from your readers, you can view your rating results from the FeedbackRatings menu in your Dashboard.


You can view results for ratings on your posts, pages, and comments (if you have them enabled). You can also filter ratings by date to see what content is popular in any given time period.


We use caching to store all of your ratings on For this reason, keep in mind that deleting one of your ratings may cause items in your rating result to disappear. Not to worry! The ratings are still there in our system, but it may take a little while for them to re-appear. The older the rating, the longer the cache expiry.

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Creating A Custom Image

You can override the image for any rating by setting a custom image on the advanced settings screen. The ratings use just one image for all states of the star. You must create your image in the same dimensions as the star size you choose. Small stars are 16px, medium stars are 20px and large stars are 24px. If you look at the image for the red star below, you will see how they are laid out.

Red Star

The stars above are all in one image. The stars in the left column are used for displaying the rating, and the stars in the right column are used for the hover (when a person moves their mouse over it). You can also use just one column of stars if you do not want to have a hover state. Here is one using the Polldaddy logo:

PollDaddy Star

You must place this image online somewhere. Once you do, you can link to it in the custom image URL box in the edit rating screen.

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Ratings on

You can add ratings to self-hosted WordPress sites with the Polldaddy Polls & Ratings plugin.

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