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Suspended Blogs

When you register at WordPress.com, you fully agree to comply with our Terms of Service. As a point of illustration, the registration page includes the following statement:

You agree to the fascinating terms of service by submitting this form.

When you click to complete the registration, you have successfully become a WordPress.com member and have agreed to our Terms of Service.

If a blog has been found to be in breach of our Terms of Service, it will be suspended. In some cases, we may disable posting on the blog and add a warning note in your dashboard that will provide a link that you can use to contact us regarding the issue. Note that, in many cases, we will not contact you and request that the offending content be modified or removed.

We do make mistakes from time to time, so if you feel that your blog has been suspended in error (after reviewing our Terms of Service, as well as our Types of Blogs page), please feel free to contact us via the link on your Dashboard or by using the form below. We will review the suspension and either remove it (only if it was in error) or provide an appropriate explanation regarding the suspension and specific terms that your blog was found to have violated.

If a blog has been suspended for violating our terms, its domain/URL (i.e.: “example.wordpress.com”) and content will not be returned.

We take our Terms of Service very seriously and act on each and every feedback we receive in order to investigate potential breaches. Our terms are enforced on a daily basis, as we want WordPress.com to be a pleasant and safe environment for all of our valued users.

Contact form for suspended blogs.
Note: Please use this form to contact us about your own blog only. For privacy reasons, we are not able to respond to or consider messages regarding blogs sent by third parties.

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