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Note: The Text Messaging upgrade has been discontinued, but we do have a new two step authentication system available separately.

With WordPress.com Text Messaging, your blog comes with you wherever you are. By activating your phone number with our Text Messaging service you can receive notifications via SMS text when various changes happen on your blog. With the purchase of the Text Messaging upgrade you can add a two-step login, receive and moderate comments, create posts and more via text!

Activating the Service

To sign up for the service, visit the ‘Text Messaging’ link in the ‘Settings’ tab while in the dashboard of your blog. Enter your 10-digit phone number and click ‘Send Activation Code’. A code will be sent to your phone from the 77377 shortcode that you will enter in your Dashboard for verification.

Once the activation is successful, the settings page will load the notification options for your blog. For free, you can receive notifications when the theme changes, when a user is added or removed, and when the privacy settings change on your blog.

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Service Commands

To stop using the service at any time, send STOP to 77377. This will inactivate your phone number from all text services for WordPress.com. To sign up again, simply visit the Text Messaging settings page again and activate through the same process.

If you need help, send HELP to 77377. A message will be returned with handy information on using the service.

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Text Messaging Upgrade

Many excellent additional features are available with the Text Messaging upgrade. Get notified of new comments and moderate them on the spot with a simple text reply. Need to post something short and sweet right away? Fire off a text and it’s on your blog instantly. Add another layer of security to your blog by requiring a code to be texted to you before you can sign in. To subscribe to the upgrade, visit the ‘Store’ link from your dashboard. The upgrade includes the following features:

    • Comment Notifications and Moderation
      You can have comment notifications sent instantly to your phone and moderate them on the spot. When a comment notification is received, a comment moderation ‘ModCode’ will be sent. Reply with the status that you want to apply to the comment along with the ModCode to update the comment’s status:You can send ‘approve’, ‘unapprove’, ‘spam’, and ‘trash’ to moderate comments. As a faster alternative, you can just use the first letter: ‘a’, ‘u’, ‘s’, and ‘t’.

  • Replying to Comments
    To add a comment reply, send ‘reply’ or ‘r’ along with the ModCode and your reply text:
  • Two-step Login Authentication
    You can require that a passcode be sent to your phone in order to log in to WordPress.com. This adds an additional layer of security to your WordPress.com account and blog. Enable the setting by visiting the ‘Text Messaging’ settings, and check the ‘Two-step login’ box. You will be required to enter the passcode each time you sign in until you uncheck the box or send STOP to 77377.
  • Post via Text
    You can create new, short posts via text. The post will be added to the primary blog that you’ve selected in your Personal Settings. The content must be less than 160 characters. Simply send POST along with the title and content separated by a pipe ‘|’ character and the post will be added instantly. Example: “POST Climbed a Tree|Just wanted to let you know that I posted this from the top of an oak tree.”
  • Post Publish Notifications
    Lastly, you can use post publish notifications to get a text when a post is published on your blog. This is handy if you have multiple users on your blog that have rights to publish content.

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Get Help with Text Messaging

For additional help, text HELP to 77377 or contact our support team at http://support.wordpress.com.

To quit, text STOP to 77377. You can also cancel all services from the ‘Text Messaging’ settings area of your Dashboard.

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* This program is available to subscribers of AT&T, Alltel, Cincinnatti Bell, Cricket Dobson/Cellular One, NTelos, Sprint/Nextel/Boost, T-Mobile®, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, and Virgin Mobile. You must be 13 years of age or older to use this service.

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