Third Party Applications allows you to connect with third-party applications that extend your site in new and cool ways.

This is done in a secure fashion so you can revoke and manage access to your account at any time and third party sites will not need your password.

How Do I Connect To An Application?

To securely connect to

  1. On the website or application that you want to connect to, find a button or link asking you to connect to
  2. Click on the Connect link, which will bring you to You will be asked to login. You can verify you are are on and secure by checking that the URL starts with
  3. Once you’re logged in, approve the application by clicking “Authorize.” If you have multiple blogs you can select which blog you would like to grant access to.
  4. You’re now connected! If you would like to view details for this connection or revoke access you can do so any time from your Account Settings Security page.


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How Do I Revoke Access I've Granted to an Application?

To revoke access to an application:

  1. View a list of applications that have access to your account by visiting your Security page.
  2. Revoke access by clicking the gear button to the right of the application and then clicking on the “Remove App Connection” button.


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Some applications may still ask you for your username or password. You should only provide these details to services that you can trust such as mobile/desktop applications like WordPress for iOS.  Never provide your username and password to third party sites claiming to get you followers and readers quickly or that you don’t recognize or can’t verify.

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