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With the Top Rated Widget, you can show which of your pages, posts, and/or comments have the highest ratings. You need to have ratings enabled on your blog for this feature to work.

The widget displays up to 20 items for each type of rating, with selectors for day, week, and month. The widget will only display a list of items if there are existing ratings, so if you don’t see anything at first, it’s because your content has not yet been rated by your readers.


Once you add the widget to your sidebar from Appearance -> Widgets, you’ll see that the settings look like this:

  • Title: Set the title that will show up above the widget. (i.e. Top Rated, The Best of the Best)
  • Show for posts: Display the top rated posts.
  • Show for pages: Display the top rated pages.
  • Show for comments: Display the top rated comments.
  • How many items: Display up to 20 items for each type of rating.
  • Filter by category: When this feature is enabled only top rated posts from the category you are currently viewing will be displayed.
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