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On we provide e-mail forwarding, but if you’d rather have full email hosting, you can connect another provider to your custom domain.

If you choose to register a domain through, you will be able to purchase a G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) account during sign up. You can also add G Suite to an existing domain registration or domain mapping. If you would like to learn how to add a custom domain to your site, please see this article.

If your domain name is not registered on, we’ve added instructions for several popular providers below. First, make sure you have set up an email hosting account with one of these providers:

After you’ve set up an email hosting account, you’ll need to add custom DNS records through the Domains page in order to send and receive emails. The records you need to enter depend on which email provider you choose.

Choosing a Provider

We don’t endorse a specific provider. If you’re moving from another hosting provider to, the easiest solution is to keep using the email provider you already have. You’ll want to contact support at your current email provider to ask for custom DNS records for email, and then enter those records by following the link above for “Other”.

If you want email for a new domain you’ve just registered, you’ll want to choose based on your budget and your needs. Support at is not able to troubleshoot issues beyond entering the DNS records in a valid format.

Based on feedback from our users, the easiest free solution at this time is Zoho Mail (up to 25 users under their Free plan). Email hosting through is also free, but more difficult to set up or access support; however, you can have up to 100 accounts. Email through G Suite is $50 per user per year, and includes support. Email through Network Solutions costs about $2/month for a single account and includes support, but is limited to 1 GB of storage.

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I followed the steps for my email provider, why isn’t my email working?
Keep in mind that it can take up to 72 hours for the DNS records to fully propagate and your email to begin working. If it has been over 72 hours and your email is still not working please contact support.

How can I access my G Suite webmail using a subdomain (e.g.
If you want to customize the URL for accessing your webmail, please follow the instructions on this G Suite support page.

For more information on adding CNAME records using the DNS Editor, please visit our Custom DNS support page.

Note: does not provide support for email hosting other than its initial setup with our custom domain upgrade.

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