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If you already had a custom email address for your domain through Yahoo! Small Business before mapping your domain at, you can connect that email hosting back to your account here by following the steps below.

If you registered your domain name here on, email hosting through Yahoo! is not currently available. However,  you can find directions for other email providers on our main Add Email page.

Step 1 - Manage your domain settings

Go to My Domains to manage your domain settings. Make sure to add your Yahoo! domain and change your primary domain before adding your email settings.

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Step 2 - Edit your DNS records

Still in the My Domains page, click on Edit for the relevant domain, and then click on Edit DNSScreenshot of the My Domains page showing different domain options

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Step 3 - Add your Yahoo! MX records

Click the Edit DNS section. Choose MX from the dropdown, leave the first box blank, change the priority number to 1, then paste the following in the second box:

It should look like this example. Click Add:


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Step 4 - Save your custom DNS records

When you are done adding your Yahoo! MX records, click the Save Changes button.  Your email will begin working in a few hours.

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