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Want to add email to your custom domain through Zoho Mail? This page explains how to do it. Currently Zoho Mail “Free” is free for up to twenty-five email accounts, and does not require signing up with a credit card. You can sign up here.

You can find directions for other email providers on our main Add Email page. Note that is generally available in the U.S. Other countries may have different suffixes, such as, which will have slightly different instructions.

  1. Sign up for Zoho Mail with your domain and setup your account.
  2. Zoho will present the following screen. Zoho_Mail_Suite
  3. Click Setup in Zoho. Note: will reflect your actual domain name.
  4. On the next screen, you’ll be presented with a unique code for your domain beginning with the letters zb… Highlight and copy this code.
  5. Keep the Zoho web page open, and open your site dashboard in another browser window or tab.
  6. Go to Domains and click on the relevant domain.
  7. Select Name Servers and DNS.
  8. Select DNS Records.
    DNS Records
  9. Choose CNAME from the dropdown menu. In the first box, paste the code beginning with zb that you copied in step 4 above. In the second box, put “”. Click Add New DNS Record.Add CNAME
  10. Move back to the window or tab where your Zoho account is up. Click the Verify button at the very bottom of the page. An alert will pop up stating that it may take 60 minutes for your DNS changes to take affect. Select Proceed.

    If you get a message that the domain can’t be verified and that you should try the HTML method instead, it just means you haven’t waited long enough. You’ll have to click the “Try HTML Method” button in order to close the error, but this method won’t work. So just wait a few more minutes and then click the link for CNAME method again. That will take you back to the screen with the Verify button. Wait another 10 – 15 minutes and then try that button again.

  11. Now we’ll add your MX records. Go back to the window or tab with your domain manager. Choose MX from the dropdown box, leave the first box blank, and paste “” in the second box.  For actual value of “handled by” field check with  – it might be different depending on your location. Click the Add New DNS Record button.
  12. Add the second MX record by choosing MX from the dropdown box again. Leave the first box blank and paste “” into the second box. Update the very last box to say “20”. Click the Add New DNS Record button.mx2Zoho
  13. Your custom DNS records should look like the example below:

This is an example of the records you’ll need to add. Please make sure you get the most up to date records from Zoho Mail.

Voila! Your email is set up. Zoho’s walkthrough has a couple more steps that you can complete if you want, but you’re done with set up in your dashboard.

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