Inviting Contributors, Followers, and Viewers

Invite People to Contribute to Your Blog

If you’d like to invite others to publish posts or help approve comments on your blog, you can invite them to be a Contributor, Editor, or Author on your blog.

  1. Click on Users -> Invite New in your dashboard.
  2. Type the user’s email address or username.
  3. Select either Contributor, Editor or Author from the dropdown. Each user role has different privileges on the site, so choose carefully. 

  4. Click the Send Invitation button.

Your new user will now be able to access your blog by visiting the My Blogs section of their dashboard when they log in to

Warning: Please be very careful when adding a new Administrator user to your blog. Other Administrators are effectively co-owners. They have as much power over your blog as you do, including the ability to permanently delete it.

Transfer Note: For security purposes, there is no way to remove the original creator/owner from their blog. As such, if you wish to transfer your blog to another user/account, please follow the instructions here.

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Invite People to Follow Your Blog

Your followers are the people who have signed up to receive updates each time you publish new content. They do not have any editing privileges. If your blog is public, anyone can follow it, but you may want to send out invitations to specific people who you’d like to share your blog with.

  1. Click on Users -> Invite New in your dashboard.
  2. Type the user’s email address or username.
  3. Select Follower from the dropdown.

  4. Click the Send Invitation button. When your friend accepts the invite, they’ll receive an email update each time you publish a new post.

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Invite People to View Your Private Blog

Follow these directions if you have a private blog that you want to share with users of your choice, without giving them any editing access to your blog.

  1. Go to Users -> Invite New in your dashboard.
  2. In the Invite a New User to Your Blog section at the bottom, type the user’s email address or username, if you know it.
  3. Select Viewer from the dropdown.
  4. Your invited Viewer will receive an invitation email:

They will need to click the “Accept Invitation” button in the invitation email. If they are logged into their account, they will be taken directly to your blog. If not, they will be taken to their Subscription Management page where they can manage all blogs they follow and adjust their email delivery frequency.


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Viewing and Removing Viewers from a Private Blog

You can see who has accepted an invitation to view your private blog as well as remove viewers by going to your Dashboard and navigating to Settings > Reading. You will see a list of viewers in the Site Visibility section:


To delete a viewer, just click the Remove User button. That user will no longer be able to see your private blog.

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