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You can publish podcasts and make them available through the iTunes Store directly within your dashboard by following the steps below to:

Note: podcasting requires the upload of audio files (.mp3, .m4a, .ogg, or .wav), the option is only available as part of the Personal, Premium or Business plan.

Create your podcast

  1. Create a category for your podcasts; you can name this anything you like. For these instructions we’re going to call ours “Podcasts”.
  2. Create a new post and assign it to the Podcasts category.
  3. Upload or embed an audio file into this post using any of the methods explained in the Audio support page.
    Note that audio embeds from Soundcloud and Audiomack should not be used, as iTunes is unable to download the audio file from the embed.
  4. (Optional) Use the post’s excerpt field to provide a description for the episode. If no excerpt is provided, the Podcast Summary (see below) will be used.
  5. Publish the post.

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Configure your site

The instructions from this guide are referring to the WP Admin dashboard. You can get to this dashboard by adding /wp-admin to the end of your site’s url (e.g.:

  1. From your WP Admin dashboard, go to Settings > Media
  2. Under the Podcasting section, choose your podcast category, our case, we choose Podcasts.
  3. Next fill in the following iTunes fields
    • Podcast title:Title that will appear in iTunes
    • Podcast subtitle: Subtitle that will appear in iTunes
    • Podcast talent name: Podcast artist / producer
    • Podcast summary: Summary of your podcast that will appear in iTunes
    • Podcast copyright: Copyright information for iTunes
    • Mark as explicit: Mark yes if podcast contains adult language
    • Podcast image: Add URL for specific cover art to appear in iTunes
      (URL must be http:// only)
    • Podcast keywords: Add terms to help your podcast get discovered
    • Podcast categories: Visible under podcast details and in iTunes Store Browse
  4. Once configured, save changes.

Please note that the instructions to “Submit to iTunes” only needs to be performed once. After that, any post you publish in your designated podcasts category will be available to your subscribers.

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Submit to iTunes

  1. Find your RSS feed URL. It will be provided under the drop down menu for the category you selected.
  2. Follow the instructions provided by Apple to Test your Feed.
  3. After you have confirmed that you can listen to your podcast through your own iTunes application, follow these instructions to Submit your podcast.
  4. Note that podcasts submitted to the iTunes Store do not become immediately available for subscription by others; they are submitted to a queue for review by iTunes staff.
  5. After your podcast feed has been accepted, you can get a link to distribute through email or websites by follow these steps for Linking to Your Podcast.

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If you run into any problems testing your feed, such as your feed not validating, or seeing all items on your podcast having the same descriptions, go to Settings > Reading in your wp-admin panel and make sure that all options under Enhanced Feeds are disabled.  After disabling, publish a test post on your site to refresh your feed, then re-test your podcast on iTunes by deleting it and re-subscribing.

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