An avatar is an important part of your online representation of yourself, usually a picture of you that shows up in places where you leave comments or forum posts.

What is a Gravatar?

On, we use Gravatar to associate an avatar with a user’s account. If you’ve set up a Gravatar, it will be displayed when you post to the forums or comment on a blog, and it may also appear if your blog is featured on a tag page. Here’s an example:

Until you upload your own Gravatar, your default one will look something like this:

You also have the ability to choose what kind of default avatar you want to represent people without custom avatars who comment on your blog. Just go to Settings → Discussion in your blog’s dashboard and choose from the following options:

For more information on working with Gravatars please check out this support doc.

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What is a Blavatar?

Blavatar is a term we came up with by combining Blog + Avatar. A Blavatar is an image associated with a blog. It will be displayed as the favicon for your blog, which shows up in a browser’s address bar and on browser tabs. It will also show up in the comments section of a blog if you send out any pingbacks. If anyone creates a shortcut to your blog on their iPhone it will also be used as the icon there.

If you haven’t uploaded a custom Blavatar yet, the logo will appear as your favicon. For more information on working with Blavatars please check out this support doc.

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