Avatars »Gravatars associates an Avatar with your email address.

Once you configure your avatar, you’ll see it when you post to the forums, when you comment on blogs, and with any post displayed in’s community features.

Here are some examples of how we display avatars on


Comments on a Blog Post

Comments on a Blog Post

Comments Administration Screen

Comments Administration Screen

Gravatar powers the user avatars on Your and Gravatar accounts are linked automatically.

Gravatar Hovercards

Gravatar information also appears in Hovercards, which show when people mouse over the avatar image shown in comments and other places.

Gravatar Hovercard

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Upload an Avatar

Visit Your Public Profile and click on the link to Change your Gravatar.

A popup will appear. Click one of the four options (outlined in orange in the following screenshot) to set a new image.

Follow the on-screen instructions to set a new avatar for your account.

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Remove an Avatar

Visit your public profile and click on the link to Change your Gravatar.

A pop-up will appear. Click on My Gravatars at the top of the pop-up window.


A list of each email address associated with your account will appear. Click the Don’t use this image link for the appropriate email address.


The image associated with the email address will switch to the default Gravatar logo.


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Additional Information

  • If you change your email address, you may need to go to My Gravatars and re-assign your Gravatar to your new email address.
  • If the pop-up for Gravatar doesn’t work, you can visit directly.
  • If you change your avatar, it may take a few hours to show because of our cache. You may clear your browser’s cache to immediately see the change.
  • There are several avatar display options available in the Discussion Settings.
  • If your Gravatar is set but not showing up on blog pages, it may be because the image rating is too high. You can check and change image ratings on

For more information, please visit the support page.

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