Billing History

You can view all transactions made with WordPress.com, including payments and refunds, in your Billing History.

You can view your Billing History by clicking on your Gravatar (avatar) in the upper right-hand corner of your admin bar:


From the Profile page, select Manage Purchases on the left and then Billing History from the top menu.

Click on Date to select a time frame to show transactions from.


Click on View Receipt to view more information about that transaction.


You can also find information about your upcoming charges for automatic renewal under Upcoming Charges.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my old transactions?

The Billing History page only shows transactions made after September 15, 2009. If you’re looking for information about transactions made before that date, please contact support.

My recent transactions are missing. Where did they go?

The Billing History page only shows transactions you made with the account you are logged in with. If you made purchases with a different WordPress.com account, you will have to log in to that account to see the transactions in the Billing History.

If you’re logged into the correct account and are still missing a transaction, please contact support.

How can I cancel and refund transactions from this list?

Most of our upgrades are eligible for a 30-day refund period, and can be canceled and refunded from the Purchases page. From there you can cancel and refund eligible transactions, enable or disable Auto Renew, and perform other actions related to your upgrades.

How can I change my saved credit card payment details?

To change payment information for an upgrade that is set to renew automatically, use the Purchases page. Select the upgrade you want to edit, and then click on Edit Payment Method.

How can I edit the “Billing Details” section of a receipt?

To edit the “Billing Details” section on a receipt, navigate to your Billing History page. Click the View/Print option for the receipt you want to edit, and then click on the “Billing Details” section you want to change. Note that this will only change the details in your printed document; it does not permanently change the details in the Billing History.

I have an unexpected charge on my credit card or PayPal account. How can I find out more about it?

You can find the details of any charge from WordPress.com or our other services at our Why was I charged? page. If you feel the charge was in error, please contact support.

How can I get a VAT receipt?

We can provide VAT receipts to users who are properly listed in the VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) database. To request a VAT receipt,  contact support and provide your company’s name, business address, and VAT number.  Once we validate your information a VAT receipt will be sent to the email address on your account.

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