Blavatars (Blog Icons)

Note: The instructions from this guide are referring to the WP Admin dashboard. You can get to this dashboard by adding /wp-admin to the end of your site’s url (e.g.:

Blog Icons are used in a number of ways. It’s displayed as the favicon (or site icon) for your blog, which shows up in a browser’s address bar and on browser tabs.

If you create a bookmark on your browser or shortcut on your mobile device home screen to any blog with a Blog Icon, it will also be used as the icon.

Here are a couple of examples:

Blavatar on a desktop browser tab

Blavatar on a desktop browser tab

Blavatar on a mobile device shortcut

Blavatar on a mobile device shortcut

You can upload a Blog Icon from your site’s WP Admin by clicking on Settings General.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 5.16.40 PM

On the right side you should see the section for Blog Picture / Icon.

Click on the button for Choose File or Browse depending on the browser you’re using. Find the image on your computer you would like to use, and click the Upload Image button.

Blavatars look best if the image you’re using is square and at least 128 x 128 pixels in size. Smaller sizes will be used in different areas of, so you may want to test how the image will look at these other square sizes: 16, 32, 48, and 96 pixels.

Don’t worry if your image isn’t square, though. After you’ve uploaded the image, you’ll be able to crop your image.

Move the crop area and change the size to match the area of the image you want to use. Then click the Crop Image button. A screen will load showing you a couple examples of the cropped image. Your blog now has a blavatar!

Please note it may take a few hours before you see the new one if you change your blavatar. This is because of our cache, but you can try clearing your browser’s local cache in case the blavatar doesn’t refresh after a while.

Remove a Blog Icon

You can remove a Blog Icon from your site in WP Admin by clicking on My Sites → WP Admin → Settings General.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 5.16.40 PM

In the Blog Picture area on the right side, click the Remove Image button.

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