Category Pages

The custom menu can be edited to add a “tab” to your site which will display only the posts that share the same blog category, tag, post format, etc.

Categories are used to divide up your content by subjects. A category page will display only the blog posts in the category that you designate. You can add these dynamic category pages into your menu.

For example, if you have a category called “Soups”, you give all of your soup posts that category designation. Then, once you add this category as a tab in your menu, it will create a page that displays only those posts you added to the “Soups” category. Also any new posts that are published with the “Soups” category, will automatically be added to that page.

This can be achieved with the display posts shortcode, or by adding a category page as outlined below.

Step 1 - Publish a post with a category

Add a new blog post to your site, and make sure to assign it a category, then publish the post.

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Step 2 - Add the category menu item

Once the post is published, edit the navigation menu to add the category page:

  1. Open the Customizer
  2. Go to Menus
  3. Select the menu to edit (in this example, it is Primary)
  4. Click on Add Items
  5. Select Categories
  6. A list of available categories will display, so select the one you need. (We’ll choose Soups for this example, then repeat the same steps to add Desserts)
  7. Click on Save & Publish to commit the update

Once added, the menu will look like this (note how Home is a Page item, while Soups and Desserts are Category items):

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Step 3 - Test the new category page

Visit the site, click on the category page which was added, and all the posts of the respective category will be displayed!

Here are all the types of pages you can set up:

  • Categories: shows a feed of blog posts from a given category.
  • Tags: shows a feed of blog posts from a given tag.
  • Format: shows a feed of blog posts from a given post format.
  • Project Types: shows a feed of portfolio project from a given project type.
  • Project Tags: shows a feed of portfolio project from a given project tag.


Need more information? Learn more about how to add your newly created category pages to a Custom Menu here, or contact the support.

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