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You can permanently close your account from your Account Settings screen:

Close account section of the Manage Account screen

This not only shuts down your username, it deletes all the sites you own and all their contents. After a few weeks, this data will be entirely purged from our servers and the process cannot be reversed. Therefore, please be certain you want to cancel your entire presence before proceeding.

You may also consider less drastic steps:

Cancel purchases first

If you have a plan or other upgrade, you will need to cancel active purchases before you can close your account. This can be done on the Manage Purchases of your account. Some sites on our Business plan may need to contact support to complete an account closure. also affected accounts are also used to manage purchases, tickets and subscriptions. Therefore, closing your account may close off your access to WooCommerce assets. You can check the information in your dashboard for your account, before you close, to ensure you are not unintentionally deleting something you want to keep. also affected accounts are also used to manage your Gravatar at Closing your account will also result in the removal of your account. As a result, any Gravatar images currently displayed with your profile or comments you have made in the past will be removed.

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Usernames cannot be re-used after closure

While all data associated with an account is removed during a closure, the username is blocked from being registered again, in order to prevent impersonation.

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Account Restoration

It is possible to reverse an account closure for the first 30 days after an account is closed. If you realize you closed your account in error, please contact us immediately. We will be able to assist you in reopening your account during this 30 day window. Once the 30 days have passed, all of your sites and account data are purged and cannot be restored.

Please note that during this 30 day window your account data persists, which means that you cannot use your account email address to sign up for a new account. Once the 30 days are up and your account is purged, your email will be freed to use with a new account.

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