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Comment Likes: how to like others’ comments and control how Comment Likes appear on your site.

The Comment Like button is an easy way to show appreciation for a comment: simply click it to like, and click it again to unlike.  Every blog includes the Comment Likes system, although you can control whether Comment Likes display on your site.

How to Like a Comment

You’re involved in an interesting conversation in the comments section of a post on your favorite blog. Another commenter says something particularly astute, and you’d like to show them you appreciate their comment. Comment Likes are a fun, easy way to demonstrate your appreciation or agreement.

Underneath their comment, you’ll see a Like button:

comment with like

Click the blue star, and the star color and text updates to show that you’ve liked the post:

comment liked by me

If you change your mind, click the star again to unlike the post.

Note: To access Comment Likes, the blog must have Comment Likes enabled and you must be logged into

If additional people like the comment, the text will update to indicate the number of likes. Click on the total count to display the names of the people who have liked the comment, along with their Gravatars.

multiple comment likesYour Gravatar is clickable and linked to your Gravatar Profile. If you haven’t configured or updated your Gravatar Profile, you can do that by visiting UsersMy Profile in your Dashboard.

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How to Enable Comment Likes

By default, all new blogs display the Comment Like option (and the gallery of Gravatars for bragging rights) under each comment.

To disable Comment Likes, head to the SettingsSharing tab in your dashboard. Uncheck the “On for all comments” box next to the Comment Likes are setting:

comment likes admin

The Comment Like button and any Likes will no longer appear on any comments.

Note: Unlike Post Likes, Comment Likes cannot be enabled or disabled for particular posts or pages. Enabling Comment Likes will enable them on every post and page on your site.

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 How to Manage Comment Likes

Once you enable Comment Likes, you can control who is able to use them with the Comment Blacklist. If you see Comment Likes coming from a spam account or other source you’d like to block, add the person’s email address, name, or username to the Comment Blacklist.

To locate your Comment Blacklist, go to Settings→Discussion. You’ll find the blacklist near the bottom of that page:


Add the names and/or addresses here, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save.” The Comment Like option will no longer be visible to these visitors.

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