Private email and live chat support will be closed from Wednesday, September 14, 2016 through Wednesday, September 23rd, included. We will reopen private email support on Thursday, September 22nd, and live chat support will be back as usual on Monday, September 26th.

Why? Once a year, the Happiness Engineers and the rest of the family get together to work on improving our services, building new features, and learning how to better serve you, our users. But never fear! If you need help in the meantime:

If you require a refund, you can still request one directly from your Purchases screen.

If you are new to we have a step-by-step guide to all things WordPress. Our helpful forums remain open, and you can also find more information in our support documentation. There we have guides on getting started, writing your first post, and finding your readers.

First, review top questions for an instant answer.

Many support requests are easily answered with a quick look at our handy dandy support documents.

Second, type your question and let's see if we already have an answer handy.

Finally, let the community know what's on your mind.