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The Premium and Business plans include a CSS editor that you can use to customize the appearance of your site’s theme. There is an amazing potential to what you can do when using CSS to customize your site.

If you have one of the plans listed above then you have access to live chat support and may wish to ask one of our Happiness Engineers for assistance with your CSS customizations. We’re happy to assist!

Since CSS can be very complex for specific customizations, the support we provide for it is not limitless. We evaluate the complexity of each request on a case-by-case basis and are generally able to help. We may, however, advise you to seek professional help for highly complex requests.

CSS is a great way to customize a theme by altering aspects of it. It is not a very good way to design a theme from scratch or completely overhaul an existing theme, and such requests fall outside our scope of support.

If you’re unsure whether a customization you want to make falls within our scope of support, then please feel welcome to ask! Even if we can’t help you to achieve what you want with CSS, we can guide you on alternative solutions.

More CSS Help

We have an active CSS Customization Forum where you can get help from other Happiness Engineers and our supportive community. You can also find many answers to common CSS questions by searching the forum.

Ready to wade further into the CSS waters? Take our CSS workshop and check out the resources.

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