You can use the Customizer to modify Appearance settings in a live preview.

To access the Customizer for your current theme, you can go to My Sites → Customize in your dashboard, or click the Customize button on the active theme listed in Appearance → Themes in your WP-Admin dashboard. A third way to reach the Customizer is by hovering over your site or blog name in the main toolbar and selecting Customize from the drop-down list:



You can also preview what your site content would look like in a different theme, by clicking the Preview button on any theme in Appearance → Themes in the WP-Admin Dashboard. When previewing another theme, you can also change other Customizer features, and then decide whether to keep them (by clicking Save) or getting rid of them (by clicking Cancel).

At the bottom of the screen, three buttons let you simulate what your site looks like at a few common device sizes, like desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.


Here is an example of the Customizer’s device preview buttons in action:


The options available in the Customizer depend on your theme. Most themes have these Customizer controls:

  • Header – add a header image using the Media Manager
  • Menus – select which custom menu to use on the site
  • Front – choose whether to display a static page or your latest posts on the front page
  • Site Title – set the site name and tagline
  • Widgets – add, remove, and modify widgets in the theme’s designated widget areas
  • Featured Content – customize which tag is used for featured content, such as post sliders, if the theme supports it

If you have the Premium or Business plans, which include the Custom Design feature, you will also have unrestricted access to Custom Colors, Custom Fonts, and a CSS Editor:

  • Colors – change your entire theme’s color palette with a few clicks
  • Fonts – select from a curated list of custom fonts for headings and body text
  • CSS – access to a CSS editor for making advanced appearance changes, including support for preprocessors LESS and Sass

You can try out the Colors, Fonts, and CSS before purchasing, and you can even save changes. However, the changes for areas that are covered by the paid upgrade will not be visible to your site visitors unless you purchase the Premium or Business plan. If you have not purchased the upgrade yet, small circles will appear to the right of the Custom Design menu items:


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