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Deleting a site permanently removes it and you’ll never be able to re-use its address (such as

If that’s not what you want to do, you can instead:

Permanently deleting your site

If you’re sure you want to permanently delete your site, here’s how to do it:

Before you do anything else, empty your site of all the contents by following the instructions on this page – then, continue on with these steps:

Step 1 – In your site’s dashboard, go to Tools → Delete Site

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 4.22.15 PM

Step 2 – Next choose a reason for your site deletion from any of the options you see on the screen. All options will allow you to delete your site.


Step 3 – On the resulting screen, answer any of the optional follow up questions or look for the “Delete Now” button


Step 4 – One last pop-up will appear, as this is a permanent action. If you are sure then add a check to the box confirming your deletion, and click the “Delete Now” button again.


Step 5 – The blog owner will receive an email with a confirmation link. If you are absolutely sure you want to delete your site, click on the link.
Delete site email confirmation
After clicking the link in the email, your site will be permanently deleted.

At this point, anyone who attempts to visit your site will see a message like the one below.
Site has been deleted

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I didn’t receive the confirmation email.
If you don’t get the confirmation email within one or two hours, please check your spam folder. If it’s not there, repeat the steps from the beginning, as sometimes emails go astray.

I checked my spam folder and the confirmation email is not there.
Make sure your email address is correct at Users → Personal Settings, under Account Details.

I don’t have access to the email connected to my site profile.
Update your email address at Users → Personal Settings, under Account Details. Make sure to finalize your address change by clicking the confirmation link in the email you’ll receive at the new address.

Update email

I’m on the Delete Site page, but I see a message that the site can’t be deleted.
You will not be able to delete your site if you’ve purchased a custom domain for it. This is because you need to keep the site active in order to access the domain manager.

Delete site with upgrade

If you do not want to use your site any more, you can:

Once the custom domain upgrade is removed from your site, you can return to Tools → Delete Site and start again.

I want to delete my account.
User accounts cannot be deleted. See the Deleting Accounts page for more information.

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