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When you register a domain with, we point it to your blog. But you don’t have to use it that way – you can make your domain point to any site you want.

If you’re moving your site to another host, we suggest you transfer your domain to the new host so that both your domain and your hosting are managed in the same place.

In some cases though, this option may not be available. For example, if you just registered your domain, you won’t be able to transfer it for 60 days. Also, some hosts simply don’t support domain registration transfers.

You can point your domain to your new host even if you’re unable to transfer the registration, by changing the domain’s name servers.

Changing name servers

You can manage your domain from My Domains, by clicking the Edit button next to the domain you wish to manage.

Screenshot of the My Domains page showing different domain options


Click on Name Servers on the left menu. By default, your name servers will be set to Use Name Servers. To change your name servers, check the option Use the custom Name Servers listed below.


The changes can take up to 72 hours to become active, but typically take only a few minutes.

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Finding out your new name servers

The new name servers you’ll need to enter depend on your new host. The best way to know is to search your host’s help section or to contact their support. This is a list of name servers for popular hosts:

Note: To point your domain to a site hosted with GoDaddy, you’ll need to follow these instructions instead.

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