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In addition to uploading media files directly to your blog’s media library, you can also upload, manage, and insert images, audio (with a Space Upgrade) and video (with VideoPress) directly from your post or page editing screen using the Add Media button.

Add Media button

With the Add Media button, you can easily add an image into a post or page by dragging and dropping your media files into the pop-up box.

With the VideoPress upgrade, you can add video from your computer to your blog. For information on embedding videos from other hosting sites/services (e.g. YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc.), please review the links in the Related section of our Videos support document.

If you wish to upload audio files directly from your computer, you will need to purchase the Space Upgrade. To link to audio files hosted elsewhere without storing them in your Media Library, check out your other Audio options.

Lastly, you can also use this button to create download links to documents (PDF, Microsoft Word document, etc.). When inserting a document link into your page or post, make sure to select the Media File option from the Attachment Display Settings drop down menu:

If you wish to embed the actual document/file into the post/page content, you can use Cloudup.

Add Poll Button

This button allows you to add a Polldaddy-powered poll to your blog.

Add Contact Form

Use this button to add a custom form to your blog.

Note: If these buttons are not visible to you, this means that you do not have the appropriate privileges, according to your role on the blog. Contributors do not have the ability to upload files.

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Consider using Postbot, our special photo scheduling app that let’s you queue your photos and post them over a number of days.

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