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Sometimes you may have a blog that you’ve worked on for a while, but you want to start over. If you’d like a clean slate, you have three options.

Emptying your site: the DIY method

If you want a fresh start on your site, you can delete all of your content from your site and still keep your current address (such as Here’s how to do it:

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Emptying your site: The automated option

If you have a lot of content, you can ask the support team to empty your site for you. Emptying a site removes all posts, pages, uploaded media, tags, and categories permanently from your site so you can reuse the site address.  If we empty your site, your theme and any customizations you’ve made remain in place, and if you have a custom menu, any links to external sites will be preserved; other menu items will be deleted. 

Note: emptying a site is not reversible!

For assistance emptying your blog, please contact us or post in our support forum.

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Create a new blog

Your third option is to create a brand new blog, with a new address, under your existing account. There is no limit on how many blogs a user can have on

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