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Embedding a Facebook update is as easy as pasting the update’s URL on its own line.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how it works, and read below for more examples and settings.

Unlike the Facebook Page Plugin Widget, which can display a page feed in your sidebar, Facebook embeds allows you to display any individual update, photo, or video from a public Facebook timeline in a blog post or post comment, complete with:

  • The update’s text.
  • Action buttons allowing readers to like, comment on, and share the update without leaving your site.
  • A media preview of images or videos in or linked in the update.
  • Links back to the Facebook page or profile.

Embedding with a URL

First locate the update you want to embed. Make sure the timeline and update are both publicly visible. Then click the timestamp.

You’ll be taken to the page for that individual update. Copy the URL in the address bar.

Next, in your blog’s post editor, paste the URL on a line by itself, and you’ll see a live preview right from the Visual Editor.

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Embedding with a shortcode

You can also use a special shortcode to embed Facebook updates, photos, or videos.

Simply copy and paste the following shortcode into a post, page, or text widget, with the Facebook URL or ID that you want to embed.

[facebook url="https://www.facebook.com/WordPresscom/posts/10154113693553980"]

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Examples of Facebook embeds

On your WordPress.com site, here’s how the Facebook embeds will display.

For an update:


For a photo:


For a video:


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Troubleshooting Tips

  • Be sure you are entering the full URL of the Facebook update you want to share on a line by itself in your editor. Don’t add any HTML formatting, just paste the full URL (including the http://) on a line by itself.
  • Make sure that the Facebook update is on a public Facebook timeline (not set to private). An individual update may be set to public, but if the person or page’s entire timeline isn’t public, the embed won’t work.
  • Make sure that the URL points to a status update, a single photo, or a single video. Embedding a photo album is not supported.
  • For more information about troubleshooting Facebook embed links, take a look at our Troubleshooting Embed Links doc.

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