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Howdy, bloggers!

Welcome to your new home at We’re excited to have you blogging with us!

We have prepared a short FAQ to answer any questions you might have about the transition from Movable Type to

If you have general questions about how to get started using all of’s great features, please read our Introduction to guide. We also have extensive support documentation and can be contacted directly if you have any questions. And don’t miss our guide for new users to learn It’s best if you start a few chapters in.

Help, I can’t login to my blog!

Before you can login to your MLB blog on, you need to activate your user account. You should have received an email from that contained a link—simply click that link to activate your account. Once you’ve done that, you will receive a second email from with your new account details, which you can use to login and manage your blog.

If you have not received your activation email, please double-check that it was not mistakenly filtered to your email’s Junk or Spam folders.

You can request to have a new activation email sent to you by visiting this tool at and entering the email address you used with your account.

If you’re still having trouble logging in, please contact support.

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How can I pick a new team for my blog?

You can change your blog’s team affiliation by navigating to Appearance → Theme Options from your MLBlog’s dashboard.


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How can I change my blog’s theme?

You can select a new theme for your blog by navigating to Appearance → Themes  → Friends of from your Dashboard. From there you can select from other Major League Baseball themes, or the over 100 other themes available on You can browse our themes in the Theme Showcase.

For more help changing your theme, visit our support guide on the topic.


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Why is my username different?

Everyone who migrated from the Movable Type blogging system now has a new username that starts with “mlblogs”. If you’d like to change that, please read our support guide on changing your username.

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Some of my posts and/or images are missing.

We’re still working on moving everything into place, and some posts and images were harder to move than others. Don’t fret though, we have them—they have not been lost.

If you’re missing a post or image we probably already have you on our list, but if you’d like, feel free to get in touch with our support team to report it.

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Where are my draft posts?

We’re sorry, but per the previous notices from the MLBlogs team, your draft posts from the old blogging platform were not migrated to

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My blog's header/description looks different or is missing content. doesn’t support HTML in your blog’s “tagline”. If you had images or formatting in your blog’s description those had to be removed as part of the migration.

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The formatting of my posts looks different.

If you had malformed HTML in your blog posts in the old system, those formatting errors may be more obvious now after migrating your content. We are working on cleaning that up for you in an automated fashion, or if you’d like you can use our excellent Visual Editor  to re-format your posts and take advantage of all of the new features you have available on

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