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All types of goodies can be found in the last couple sections of the bottom left hand side of your dashboard. We’ve listed some of the most useful tasks below.

Adding Plugins & Uploading Themes

Adding plugins and uploading themes are features unique to self-hosted installations of the WordPress.org software. We don’t allow them here at WordPress.com for security reasons.

Did you know we already have over 380 themes on WordPress.com for you to choose from? There’s a very good chance that one of theme will fit you perfectly. To check out all of our themes, head over to the Theme Showcase.

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Changing your title & tagline

You can change your site’s title or the “Just another WordPress.com site” tagline in the top two fields of Settings → General in your dashboard.

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Importing or Exporting Content

We strongly believe that your data is yours. You can import content from a variety of services via the Tools > Import section of your dashboard. You can also export your content out of WordPress.com via the Tools → Export section.

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Privacy Settings

Your site’s privacy is easily adjustable via the Settings → Privacy section of the dashboard. By default, a site is public to the world. That can be changed to fully private (access controlled entirely by you) or to an intermediate setting which allows all human readers but asks search engines to not index your site.

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Adding Users

The easiest way to add someone to your site is to simply invite them to be a Contributor, Editor, or Author on your blog.

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Using a static front page

By default the front page is where all your blog posts will appear. This can easily be changed to a static front page if you prefer a more traditional website feel.

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