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Polls are another great way to enhance your blog with an interactive element or feature. is directly integrated with Crowdsignal, a popular online poll creation service, so adding them to your blog is very easy. Here is an example poll:

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Using Crowdsignal
Creating a New Poll From Within
Inserting an Existing Poll from
Creating a New Poll by Email

Using Crowdsignal

The best way to integrate a poll on your site is to create a poll through Crowdsignal and then embed it on your site.

1. Go to Crowdsignal and sign up for an account. You can log in using your account.

2. On your dashboard, click Create a New… and then select either survey, poll, quiz or rating.

3. Create your poll! For more information on Crowdsignal features and creating polls, see their support documentation.

4. To share your poll, click on the Sharing tab at the top, and then choose one of the sharing options.

5. To share your poll on, select WordPress and then copy the shortcode.

6. Go to any post, page or widget area and paste the code. For posts and pages, you’ll see the code is automatically converted into a shortcode block:

You’re all set!

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Creating a New Poll From Within

The instructions from this guide are referring to the WP Admin dashboard. You can get to this dashboard by adding /wp-admin to the end of your site’s url (e.g.:

If your site has plugins enabled, the below instructions do not apply. Instead, you can install the Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings plugin.

You can still create polls directly from by using WP-Admin.


You can access all poll functions from the Feedback → Polls menu in your Dashboard.

After your account has been set up, you can create a new poll:

Configure the poll options to suit your needs. After you have configured the poll, click the Save Poll button.

A message will appear at the top letting you know the poll has been created! See the steps below for how to insert a poll you’ve created.

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Inserting an Existing Poll from

To insert the poll you’ve already created, navigate to your Polls in WP-Admin, then select Embed & Link for the poll you want to add.

You’ll then see a few options you can use to embed your post or page:

  • WordPress Shortcode: Copy and paste this shortcode into any post, page, or widget area to embed the poll. You can add a shortcode to any page or post using a shortcode block.
  • JavaScript: Copy and paste this code to embed your poll wherever JavaScript code is allowed
  • Short URL: Copy and paste this link to share your poll with other services, such as Twitter.
  • Facebook URL: Copy and paste this link to share your poll with Facebook.

When adding a poll to your sidebar or other widget area, you may need to update its design to use the Narrow style to ensure that it properly fits. You can do this by editing a poll.

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Creating a New Poll by Email

You can also send polls by email using the WordPress Post by Email feature and the special [poll] shortcode. Full details can be found on the Post by Email support page.

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Why aren’t my polls showing up?
Each poll can only be displayed once on a post. So, if you have a poll in a post and in the sidebar, only the first instance of the poll will show. You can show 2 or more different polls on one post, however.

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