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This guide will show you how to use the Free Photo Library to find copyright-free images to use on your site. The Free Photo Library contains over 40,000 free, high-quality photos (courtesy of Pexels) which you can insert directly from the editor. It is available to every member — for free! Please note that any images you use will be imported to your media library, and will count against your site’s storage limits. You can access free photos in two ways: directly from the post and page editor, or from within the Media Library.

From a post or page

Open the Editor by either creating a new post or opening an existing one. Once you’ve opened the Editor, click the +Add button to open the media options. You’ll see a few different options to choose from, including your existing library, your Google Photos collection, or the Free Photo Library. Next, search for a photo to add to your post. If you select a single image, you will be able to insert it directly into the post or page. If you select multiple images, you will first be guided through copying the images to your Media Library and then creating a gallery of the images.

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From the Media Library

To add from your Media Library, the process is similar. Navigate to My Sites and choose your site. From there, navigate to Media, click the image icon in the top left corner, and select Free Photo Library from the options shown. From here, search for and select as many photos as you want and press Copy to media library.

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Working with images

A photographer credit is automatically added to the caption of each image. It’s not necessary for you to give credit to the photographer (but it is appreciated!) If you’d like to make additional edits after you’ve inserted the image(s), click on the image and then the pencil icon to edit it. You’ll be able to tweak the caption or other fields like the Alt text and Description, or scroll down to view the image’s dimensions. Revisit your theme’s support page to check the ideal image dimensions for elements like featured images, headers, your site logo, and more. If you know these optimal sizes, you can adjust an image if needed, right in your Media Library or with another editing tool like PicMonkeyCanva, Pixlr or Photopea.

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