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Geotagging allows you to geotag your posts and pages, which means you can attach a physical location to them. Geotagging comes in handy for posts about a particular location, such as your latest restaurant review, photo gallery from last week’s vacation, or travel essay.

Adding a location

When you’re creating a post or page, look for the “Add Location” button:

Location screen 1

Clicking the button reveals the location picker. You can pick your current location, which only works if your browser or smartphone are location-enabled:

Location screen 2

Or, you can manually type in an address:

Location screen 3

When you click “Locate,” you’ll see a map with your location. If you’d like to use this location, click “Use.” If not, click “Search” to go back.

Location screen 4

The location is added to your post or page in various machine-readable formats: geo microformat, geo.position and ICBM meta tags, and GeoRSS and W3C geodata in feeds.

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