Getting Help in the Forums

Below we’ve gathered a few answers to some common questions about using our support forums to help get you oriented.

How do I Start a Thread?

There are several ways to start new threads. The easiest is to navigate to the forums homepage where there’s a link to “Add new topic“. Clicking that link will take you to a form to fill out to start a new thread.

Note that you must have a account, and you must be logged in, before you can start a thread. If you click the “Add new topic” link and are not logged in you will be redirected to the login screen before you are taken to the new thread form.

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Which forum do I need?

When you start a new thread you have an option for which forum you want to post it to. Your choices are:

  • Support – To get help with problems/questions on your blog
  • Widgets – For issues with adding or using widgets
  • Themes – A place to discuss the themes (folks with a Premium Theme upgrade can get help from their theme designer direction in our Premium Themes forum)
  • CSS Customization – For people who have the Custom Design Upgrade and are looking for CSS help
  • Ideas – Have an idea for how to make even better? You can add it to the Ideas forum
  • Translations – This is the forum for the folks working to translate

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How do I know if I'm talking to staff?

All staff posts will show a gray box behind their name and Gravatar. You will also see their title in orange under their name – this can be “Happiness Engineer” or “Staff”:



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Are there any forum rules I should be aware of?

Our forums are a place where members of the community can help each other with their questions. To keep the forums friendly and helpful we have drawn up a Forums Community Standards that we expect all forum participants to abide by.

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How do I add tags to threads?

Tags help people find and contribute to your discussion. There are two ways to add a tag:

  • When you first add a topic you have the option to add tags to the new thread form.
  • For existing discussion threads you’ll find a Tags box in the right-hand column on every page. Just type in the tag you want to add, click the add button, and voila.

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How do I get a Moderator/Staff reply for my question?

Some issues require staff member help. If you see or add a thread that you know needs staff intervention, you can add the modlook tag to the tags area of the thread to make sure we see it. You can add a modlook tag when starting a new thread, or add it to an existing thread.

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How can I get private help?

If you have a paid upgrade, head over to our contact form and you’ll be able to put in a private support request that way. You can also ask for private help in the forums; just add the modlook tag so staff will see your request and we can email you directly.

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Is there phone or live chat support?

We currently only offer support by email and forums, except for users who have purchased the Plan. Users with a paid Plan have access to live chat support. Read more about live chat support.

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What do I do if I see spam in the forums?

Spam is a violation of our forums code of conduct. If you see it you can add a tag that says ‘spammer’ to the thread, and another that says ‘modlook’ to make sure staff see the spam so we can remove it.

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Can I get help for my site here?

These forums are focused on helping users. Folks with a site can get help in the Support Forums.

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