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You can now support your favorite sites by purchasing a domain renewal for them as a gift.

Buying a gift for a blogger is a great way to show them how much you love their content and encourage them to create more of it.

Who can buy a domain name renewal?

The domain renewal gift option can be used by any logged-in user. For example, users who enjoy reading a blog and want to contribute something to the blogger, friends or family of the blogger, or other registered users on a particular blog who don’t own the upgrade can renew the domain as a gift.

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Renewing a domain as a gift

If you visit your favorite blog as a reader and the domain has expired, you’ll see an expiration notice like the one pictured below:

Gift Upgrade for an expired domain

You now have the option to renew the domain as a gift to the owner so they can continue to publish more great content under the same domain you’re accustomed to using.

Click the Renew Now button and follow the onscreen prompts to complete your purchase and renew the domain.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 16.43.29

Once the gift has been purchased, the domain owner will receive a message to let them you know you made their day by renewing their domain!

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Renewing a domain on a blog you are a user on

If you are a registered user on a blog, but you don’t own the domain, you can also renew the domain for the owner if it has expired.

The process is the same as renewing the domain as a gift and can be completed by clicking the Renew Now button on the expired notice you see when visiting the blog.

This can be very useful if the owner of the domain is not available to renew or you are unable to reach them. For example, if a former employee purchased the domain and then left the company without transferring ownership, you would be able to renew the domain while you work on a more permanent arrangement.

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Refunds and gift renewal cancellations

If you purchase a gift renewal for a domain and would like to cancel this, the same deadlines apply as cancelling your own domain.

If you are a domain owner and you receive a gift renewal but did not wish the renew the domain, you can cancel the domain registration by going to the My Upgrades page.

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