Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free calendar application from Google that makes it easy to keep track of life’s important events all in one place.

Embedding a Google Calendar

You can embed a Google calendar into your blog by using the Google calendar embed code. To generate your embed code, please follow these steps.

  1. In Google Calendar, click the three dots next to your calendar name and select the Settings and Sharing link.
  2. Go to the Access Permissions section and make your calendar public by checking the checkbox called Make available to public.
  3. Go to the Integrate Calendar section and copy/paste the embed code into your site. The embed code contains your Google account name, so be sure you’re okay with making that name public.
  4. In your homepage, go to Posts → Add or Pages → Add (or open an existing post/page in editing mode). Paste the code directly into your HTML editor (You can switch between the Visual and HTML editors using the tab at the top-right of the editing box.)
    iframe-google-calendaror a Custom HTML block:
  5. Click Save Draft, Update, or Publish depending on the status of your post or page. You will notice that the code has changed. WordPress has converted the HTML code into the working shortcode.
  6. Here is an example of what an embedded calendar will look like.

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Embedding a Google Calendar into your Sidebar

  1. Follow steps 1-5 above and copy the shortcode from step 5.
  2. Go to your Widgets page (Customizer  Widgets from your blog’s homepage).
  3. Add a Text Widget to your sidebar.
  4. Add a title to your widget (if you want one).
  5. Paste the shortcode into the text widget.
  6. Press the Save button and go to your blog and admire your awesome new calendar.

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Syncing iCal with Google Calendar

Although we don’t currently offer a way to embed iCal, you may sync iCal with your Google Calendar account and have your events show up in the embedded Google Calendar.

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Additional Info

  • When adding Google Calendars to your blog, do NOT manually open the shortcode as you normally do with other services (i.e. do not begin typing the shortcode and then paste the calendar code). This will not work.
  • To customize your calendar, click the Customize link during step 3 above.

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