Guided Transfer

We love having you here with us at WordPress.com, but we understand that there are situations where a self-hosted WordPress.org site may be a better choice for you.

The Guided Transfer is a one-time fee of $129.00 per blog transferred, and is available for purchase from our Store.

What does the Guided Transfer include?

  • Installing the WordPress software at the recommended host of your choice.
  • Transferring over your entire WordPress.com site.
  • Installing and configuring Jetpack and a few other plugins to provide features that you have been using on WordPress.com.
  • Configuring and testing permissions so that you’ll be able to have one-click installs and upgrades.
  • Switching your domain(s) nameserver settings to point over to the new site.
  • Answering questions and providing guidance for you on your new WordPress installation for a two week period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any web host?
We maintain a list of hosts we recommend. We do require the new web hosting account to be with one of them.

How long does the Guided Transfer take?
A Guided Transfer occurs over a 24 hour period. Once you purchase the upgrade, a Happiness Engineer will work with you to set up a day (during the work week) to perform the transfer.

What will my viewers see? Will there be disruptions?
Your viewers shouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. They will see your blog the entire time.

I have blog followers. Will they be transferred?
Yes, all your email and WordPress.com Reader followers will be transferred to your new site. RSS readers will seamlessly shift over as well if you already have a custom domain mapped to your WordPress.com blog or–if you don’t–you set up a Site Redirect.

I love my stats. Will they transfer over?

What happens to my old WordPress.com blog?
You will continue to own the existing WordPress.com blog (and domain) after the transfer. It will remain here (hidden) unless you intentionally choose to delete it.

I have a high-ranking site in Google. What happens to my page rank?
Most likely nothing. We take every precaution out there to ensure the best possible move but ultimately we don’t have any control over how Google calculates their results.

We will ensure that all of the traffic to your blog’s custom domain is seamlessly routing to your new site. The underlying .wordpress.com URL will automatically redirect too if you already have a domain mapping in place here. If you don’t, the .wordpress.com URL can be redirected with the Site Redirect upgrade. The Domain Mapping (or Site Redirect) upgrade will need to be renewed annually for as long as you want the .wordpress.com URL to continue forwarding.

I purchased a premium theme at WordPress.com. Will it be transferred?
Premium themes purchased at WordPress.com are only valid here at WordPress.com.

I selected custom fonts in the theme customizer. Will my fonts be transferred?
Guided Transfer is not currently available for blogs that use custom fonts. Please switch your custom fonts back to your theme’s default fonts before adding the Guided Transfer upgrade to your account.

Does the price include hosting?
No, you will still need to pay your new host.

It’s too expensive. What if I don’t want to pay that and I want to transfer to a self-hosted WordPress.org blog?
We understand that this upgrade isn’t for everyone. For those who would prefer the DIY route, we have a full guide on making the move to WordPress.org.

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Guided Transfers can be refunded up until the site has been moved to the new hosting.

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