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When you upload an image to your Media Library, you have some basic editing options available (crop, rotate, flip).

Note: While these image editing tools are free, the site must be set to public for the tools to work. Advanced image editing does not work with a site set to private.

Choosing an image to edit

First, open a post or a page to which you would like to add your edited image.

Click your cursor on the area of the post or page where you would like to display the image.

Next, click the Add Media button in the top left corner of your toolbar:

Add Media

Click on an image thumbnail to select the image you wish to modify, then click Edit.


Next, click Edit Image.


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Cropping an image

You can remove an unwanted portion of an image you have uploaded to your Media Library by using our cropping feature.

First, click and drag with your mouse to select the portion of the image you want to keep. You may also select an aspect ratio that will constrain the crop box as you move and resize the crop area.


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Rotating an image

You can rotate images counter-clockwise by clicking on the rotate icon:


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Flipping an image

You can flip images horizontally by clicking on the flip icon:


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Saving an edited image

When you’re happy with your edits to the image, click Done. You may also close the image editor without saving by clicking on Cancel.


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Reverting an image

It’s always a good idea to keep original versions of your images on your computer. But you have the ability to cancel your edits on an image and revert to the original version that you first uploaded to your Media Library. Please note that if you’ve inserted an edited image into other published posts, reverting an image may break this link on these posts.

If you’re sure you would like to restore an image, click on the Restore Original button. The image will then revert back to its original form.


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