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A domain transfer takes five to seven days to complete from the moment you submit the authorization code at your new domain provider, in this case, You will receive emails to confirm the transfer from both us, and in most cases from your current domain provider, at the domain’s admin contact email address. You’ll also receive an email once the transfer completes, or in the event that it fails.

You can also check on the current status of your transfer from the Domains page.

Transfer in Progress

Once you’ve submitted code and paid for the transfer, your domain will enter the In Progress state. On My Site ->Domains it will look like this:

Domains - transfer in progress

At this point your domain will be locked for any changes at your current provider, so you will no longer be able to make changes to the name servers, DNS records or contact information. You should also receive an email from your current provider with instructions how to cancel the transfer on their end. This is a security precaution against unauthorized transfers, and you can safely ignore that email if you want the transfer to proceed.

No further action is needed, and the transfer will complete within a few days.

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Transfer Failed

In the event that a transfer fails we will send you an email to let you know. On the domains screen it will look like this:

Domains - transfer failed

Click on the notice to see some more information on why the transfer failed:

Failed transfer details

The most common reason why a transfer might fail is if you bought a transfer while signing up for a new site, but did not complete the steps to start the transfer within 30 days.

Other reasons why the transfer could have failed:

  • The domain is still locked. We check for this when you purchase the transfer, but we might have received inaccurate data from your current provider making it seem like the domain is unlocked when it isn’t. Please make sure you’ve unlocked the domain for transfer at your current provider.
  • The domain expired, entered redemption, or was canceled after the transfer was initiated. Please contact your current provider to help you reactivate the domain, and then restart the transfer process.
  • The transfer was canceled on your current provider’s end. Please restart the transfer process.
  • In rare cases the current provider may dispute a transfer, which will cause it to be cancelled.
  • If we’re unable to determine why the transfer failed on our end, we may need to refer you back to your current domain provider so they can look into it.

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Transfer Waiting

If you bought a transfer in the process of creating a new site the actual transfer is only started after you complete checkout. If you’ve already paid for the transfer but not started it yet, you will see a “Domain transfer waiting” message in your dashboard. If you click on My Site ->Domains you will see the following:

Transfer waiting - action required

When you click on the domain showing the “Action Required” notice you will see the option to start the transfer.

Transfer waiting - Start Transfer

Click on Start Transfer to prepare your domain and confirm the transfer.

If you don’t start the transfer within 25 days, the transfer will be removed from your account and your payment refunded or your plan domain credit restored.

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Canceling a transfer

If you decide you don’t want to transfer the domain to us any more, you can cancel it from the Domains page. Click on the domain that is pending transfer, and select the Cancel Transfer option below.

Domains - cancel transfer

This will take you to the Purchases page where you can remove the purchase from your site. If you used the free domain in your plan this should also restore the free domain credit so you can use it for a different domain, or if you paid for the transfer this will issue a refund.

You will also be able to cancel the transfer via the confirmation email your current provider sends you, or via your current provider’s domain management interface, though that will not cause the upgrade to be removed from your account. Instead, you will receive an email from us that the transfer failed, and you can then cancel it via Purchases to receive your refund.

Note: Once you submit the authorization code and start the transfer you won’t be able to cancel it from My Site ->Domains any more. You should still be able to cancel it via your current provider, though, either on their website or via the email they sent you.

If you have any problems canceling a transfer, or removing/restarting a failed transfer, please contact support.

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