In-Page Translation

In-Page Translation is a tool that makes it easier for you to translate interface into your native language.

Using In-Page Translation is simple:

1. On any dashboard screen or blog with its language set to something other than English, hover over your user name/avatar in the Admin Bar and find “Translate” link.


2. When you click the link, the In-Page Translation tool will appear on the left.


3. Scroll through the list and find a text string you want to translate. Clicking a row will mark all the instances of that string on the current page with red boxes, so that you can see the context. In the box, enter your best translation for the string and save it.


After you save the translation, it will be sent to GlotPress as “Waiting” status. A translation validator will review your suggestions, then approve, edit, or reject them (if you are a validator, the translations you submit through this tool will be automatically approved).

Please note:

The In-Page Translation tool lists strings only if they meet all of these criteria:

  • They don’t include any placeholders such as (%s, %d, %1$s, etc.).
  • The original strings appear on the page’s visible area.
  • The original strings are translatable through GlotPress.

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