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You can embed an image or video from Instagram on your blog easily.

First, copy the image’s URL from your web browser’s address bar while viewing the image:

In your post/page editor, paste the URL where you would like it to appear. Make sure that the URL is on its own line.

For example, this text and URL:


will look like this in a post:

By default, the URL embeds the largest size of the image available, which is 612px wide. Video embeds look very similar but will show the triangle “play” symbol:

Look, chickens.

A video posted by Josh Root (@evilphotoeye) on

You can also wrap an Instagram URL in shortcode, replacing LINK with the URL:

[instagram url=LINK]

This shortcode achieves the same result as simply posting the URL, but does not require the URL to be on its own line.


The shortcode can also be used to modify the size of the embed.  By default, it will take up the full width of the content area, but by adding a width specifier to the shortcode, you can make it as small as 320 pixels (the minimum for the embed to work).  For example:


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